A few small changes

Ok, so I haven’t written a blog post for the whole of October, which is pretty rubbish. Also I haven’t crossed anything off my list since completing my 5k in September which is equally rubbish.

I am going to try not turn this into a ‘dieting’ post because people talking about their diet is usually pretty boring, but I am trying to get a lot of the ‘free’ things ticked off the list while I save up for the more exciting things. This leads us to the super fun number 94 on the list – Reach a Healthy Weight.

I may have been quiet on the blogging front, but I have actually been working on this one for three weeks now. I don’t have a huge amount of weight to lose but I would like to feel a little healthier. I am aiming to get to 10 stone, slap bang in the middle of the healthy weight range for my height. I’m down half a stone already, so I’ve got another stone and half to go. I’m also working on another goal at the same time, number 51 – Drink 8 Glasses of Water Every Day for a Month. Here’s where I am going to get slightly evangelical and talk about some of the things which are really helping me to stay on track – apps!

Now, I was pretty late to the smart phone party. I was proud of my slightly old, slightly rubbish phone and used to say that all I needed a phone for was phoning and texting. I ended up getting one when I moved into a studio flat at the start of 2013 and didn’t want to shell out for broadband/line rental etc. just for one person. My brilliantly technological brother set me up with a smart phone that I could use as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot in my flat, so I could still get onto the Internet on my laptop. I have since been completely converted and I now seem to have an app for everything on my phone – an app for my bank, one for the train times, one for local cinema times, a torch, a running app – and even an app to clear up after all the other apps. But the one which is really helping my stay on track at the moment is My Fitness Pal. I’ve told it all my measurements and how much I want to weigh, and it tells me how many calories to eat each day to achieve this at a healthy rate. So far it’s helped me lose half a stone, even though I have had a couple of slips (2am kebab anyone?) Since it’s proved effective, I thought why not try an app to help with my water drinking goal too? I’ve started this goal on Monday 3rd November, so I have to keep it up for a whole month in order to tick it off the list. I’ve gone for Water Your Body, an app which periodically beeps at me throughout the day to remind me to drink – it’s a bit of a digital bully but it is really easy to record everything on and does help me to remember.

Of course, no weight loss attempt would be complete without exercise I suppose. I have started off with the DVD of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and man, it is hard! I read quite a few reviews beforehand, and people did warn me it would be tough – some said they had been in tears or thrown up by the end – but I didn’t listen. The DVD has three levels of high intensity circuit training routines, the idea being that you do level 1 for 10 days, then level 2 for 10 days, then the final 10 days on level 3. I’ve done the first three days of level one and I hurt in places I didn’t even know I had muscles! I make old man noises every time I get up or sit down. But I’m going to stick with it and see how far I get.

I’ve also got everything crossed for goal number 1 on my list, as I submitted my Chartership Portfolio last week. It can take 2-3 months to hear back, but here’s hoping!

C x