Day Zero Project – One Year Down!

My 101 in 1001 project started on 17th May 2014, so I thought it was time for a recap.

I’ve currently ticked off 22 out of 101 tasks, which I guess is pretty good going, plus I’ve got some more in progress. So, here’s a selection of some of the completed tasks so far:

1) Complete portfolio to qualify as a Chartered Librarian. Hells yeah! This is one of the things I’m most proud of, my portfolio took me a year to compile and I was over the moon when it passed. Hopefully one day it will mean I can apply for librarian jobs in interesting places to work, but for now I’m still enjoying and getting a lot out of my job as Library Manager in a public library – it’s stressful but usually pretty rewarding.

2) Pay off my overdraft – yes, at the ripe old age of 28, 6 whole years after graduating, I finally paid off my overdraft, and *gasp* even have savings for the first time!

7), 8) and 9) – Complete the Couch to 5k challenge, run a 5k race and raise money for charity. Ever since nightmare PE lessons at school (Hockey in the hail anyone? How about a nice muddy cross-country run? No?) I’ve had an opinion of myself as someone who does not do sport or exercise of any kind. Because I was AWFUL at it. But the NHS couch to 5k podcasts were amazing, they got me from barely being able to run for 60 seconds, to running for a full half an hour without stopping, and I found that actually exercising could be enjoyable (who knew?). Then last September I took part in the Colour Run, which was so much fun, and ran the 5k course in about 34 minutes, which might sound slow but was amazing for me. I also raised £120 for Medicines Sans Frontieres, so thanks to everyone who sponsored me.

24) Go see a football match. One chilly Saturday last December, we went to see the mighty Tranmere Rovers win away at Dagenham. A very glamorous fixture for my first football match, I know! It was great fun, sitting with Al and Chris amongst the away fans (and one grudging Am, a Daggers fan) joining in with the chants (“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way, Oh what fun it is to see Tranmere win away, hey!”) Sadly the rest of their season didn’t go as swimmingly and they have now dropped out of League Two 😦

31) See some live comedy. My super awesome boyfriend surprised me with tickets to see Josie Long in February, and she was just brilliant! I’ve seen her live quite a few times now, and she gets better each time. We also saw Dylan Moran at the Brighton Dome last month, but I was a little disappointed in that.

32) See some open-air Shakespeare. For the Brighton Festival last year, we bought tickets to see Much Ado About Nothing performed by the Globe Theatre on tour, which was taking place in a park just down the street from us. We packed our picnic, settled down on a blanket….and the heavens opened! It poured all the way through the first half of the play, but the players and audience bravely ploughed on through. The sun came out after the interval, and everything soon dried up. The play itself was really great, the actors were all amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

38) Get another ear piercing. I got my tragus pierced a couple of weeks ago (that’s the flappy bit at the front of the ear, to me and you) and I’m really happy with it. I wish I’d chosen a bar instead of a horseshoe because it’s not the easiest thing to clean around, but I’m trying to take good care of it so it heals quickly.

89) Host a poker night. I had a joint birthday celebration with my friend Davs, and we decided to have a poker night, which Chris and I hosted. Turns out I’m pretty awful at poker, but we had a really fun night.

Those are some of the fun experiences and achievements that I’ve done so far, a few of which I might not have done if I hadn’t had the list to spur me on. There’s also a bunch of self-improvement type goals that I’ve ticked off, such as be a vegetarian for a month (easy), eat my five a day every day for a month (super easy), drink eight glasses of water a day for a month (hard), no sugary junk food for a month (super hard) and give up the snooze button for a whole month (oh my god so hard).

There’s also loads that are lists of things, such as read 10 non-fiction books, try 10 new foods, that are in progress. My 365 day photo project is still ongoing, though laptop problems have prevented me from uploading them for a little while. There’s also things that I have been putting off for being too scary (pass driving test), too expensive (visit a country outside of Europe) or both (take a creative writing course). I suppose I’d better get cracking with some of the harder tasks in the year to come!

C x


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