Happy Thoughts

I’m conscious of the fact that I’ve not thought about my list for a week or so, and it seems like a lazy Saturday might be an ideal time to get something else ticked off. I’ve chosen number 82: Write a list of 50 things that make me happy, for two reasons. Firstly – its free (hooray!) unlike a fair few items on the list, and secondly because its been one of those weeks where I could do with a little bit of positive thinking. I felt pretty down last weekend, culminating somewhat embarrassingly in bursting into tears in front of my friends in the pub after a few drinks. After burying my head on the sand on Sunday I’ve been making an effort to break out of negative thinking this week so this task seems appropriate.

101 in 1001 – number 82. Write a list of 50 things that make me happy.

  1. Chris
  2. Coming home to our new flat
  3. Terrible puns. The carpet store that I pass on the way to work called Walter Wall or this fantastic book I got for Christmas:
  4. IMG_20140607_125425The smell of new books. And old books. Just books, really.
  5. This guy, who I pass on the bus everyday: (Because nothing says “Buy my fish” like a giant lobster)DSC_0339
  6. The smell of cut grass, even though I know it makes me sneeze. That stuff is like crack.
  7. The smell of bread baking
  8. Salted caramel brownies
  9. My job. You might think that’s an odd one – yeah its busy and stressful, but at the same time I’m incredibly proud to be doing it, and doing it well (most of the time!)
  10. Picnics! One day I will own one of those stupid fancy wicker picnic hampers and my life will be complete.
  11. My friends. Those close to home and those scattered far away, they are all brilliant people who I am lucky to know.
  12. My family. They may be far away but I know they’ll always be there for me.
  13. Riding at the front of the top deck of the bus. Yes, I am a child, and I genuinely get annoyed if someone else has got there before me on the bus to work.
  14. Collecting postcards, tickets & mementos from days out (Yes, there is a high proportion of beer mats in this photo)DSC_0349
  15. Bubble baths. The year I lived in a flat with only a shower was tough!
  16. Travelling to new places
  17. Fresh clean bedsheets.
  18. Sunshine! Just the sight of blue sky and the feel of sun on my skin is enough to make all my problems shrink. Am often to be found, cat-like, soaking up Vitamin D in any stray sunny patches.
  19. The sea. Having lived by the sea all my life, I miss it when I’m away from it.
  20. Giving blood. Okay, so that’s a lie, I hate every second of giving blood, but I love the feeling of having done it.
  21. Going to the cinema:DSC_0350
  22. The sound of rain on the windows
  23. Exmoor. It’ll always feel like home to me.
  24. Wood pigeons. They’re silly and fat, and I like the sound they make.
  25. Finding a charity shop bargain. My favourite was a Blondie t-shirt I got while at Uni, which later inexplicably went missing during a house move.
  26. Spending a whole day just reading
  27. Cheese sandwiches
  28. Lie-ins. I am so not a morning person
  29. Homemade mix CDs
  30. Discovering an album so good that I can play it on loop for days
  31. Rediscovering old favourite songs
  32. When I great song that I haven’t heard in ages comes on the radio.
  33. Growing herbs, and then putting fresh herbs in my cooking:DSC_0351
  34. Sausage dogs. They just make me smile every time!
  35. An impromptu BBQ/get-together on a sunny day
  36. The beach. Sandy or pebbly, I don’t mind as long as I can lie with a book and listen to the waves
  37. Getting a fancy coffee
  38. Payday!
  39. When you know you’ve chosen the perfect present for someone.
  40. Glastonbury festival – rain or shine it’s the best place to be. I’m sad I can’t go this year.
  41. Having friends and family to stay, and showing off Brighton.
  42. Cooking (and eating!)
  43. Homemade chicken soup
  44. Long train journeys. Especially through countryside, or in a whole different country.
  45. Going out for dinner somewhere new
  46. Dancing round the flat when no-one else is in an a really good song comes on.
  47. Movies that are so bad that they’re good (Zombie Strippers anyone?)
  48. Buying a book from a proper bookshop, and remembering what you were doing/how you were feeling when you bought it.
  49. Remembering to buy a can of Lilt and put it in the fridge the night before, because hungover me is always grateful.
  50. Pick’n’mix sweets.